Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

The Geodetic Gingerbread Dome Challenge

Austrian Buckminster Fuller Institute isn't serious with all its events. Beside doing conferences, performances and lectures, we are also interested in doing fun stuff. This is why we have done the Jitterbug Dance Performance this summer and this is why we have now announced the Geodetic Gingerbread Dome Challenge.

Participants please bake a dome in any size you want to. Please be aware to balance tension and integrity as well as sugar, flower and butter. Pictures of ready assembled domes should be posted in the comments section of this post until 24.12.2012.

The winner will be chosen by drawing lots and will be awarded with our new booklet "How To Make The World work" and some additional goodies.

Get more information how to bake a GeodeticDome at

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